• The licensing institution must purchase a fully licensed copy of the film for their permanent collection at list price.
  • The licensing institution can encode a digital file in any file format. Content may not be altered or edited in any manner. Digitized material is for synchronous (live) or asynchronous streaming (multiple user, video on-demand format) only and content may not be copied to any other format or used for any purpose not outlined in this agreement.
  • The licensing institution must guarantee a password-protected environment without the ability of a user to download the program. Licensees may then deliver the contents of these files via password-protected digital streaming only to registered students, accredited researchers, faculty and staff of that institution and the occasional or walk-in user.
  • The licensing institution may video stream content only for students in an educational setting (i.e. for non-paying audiences only).
  • The term of this license shall be for the life of the file format. The files may be securely stored for archival purposes, but in the event that the licensing institution decides to change file formats, then this agreement must be renegotiated before the film(s) are re-encoded, or new transcodes made and streaming of the film(s) resumed.