“The Women’s Happy Time Commune”
Director/ Editor/Producer:  Sheila Paige
1972  color, 16mm & HD Video, 47 mins
A Women Make Movies Production
Executive Producer: Ariel Dougherty

Roberta Hodes
Frances Cima
Marylyn Landers
Judy March
Frances Jones
Kathryn McHargue
Dorothy Stensland
Rosalie Triplett
& Satia Block

Camera: Ariel Dougherty
assisted by Pamela Kearon
Sound: Dolores Bargowski
assisted by Juliet Jones
Music played by: David E. Fields & Richard Heller

The Lesbian History Archives; United States Information Agency, Rome
Presented at (partial list):
Women and Film: International Festival, Toronto, 1973 (forerunner to TIFF)
Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1973
Women’s Arts Festival, Evergreen State College, April, 1974
Pacific Film Archive, Alternative Visions, July 1993
Experiments in Cinema Festival, April 2016

*Two years ago, only one copy of The Women’s Happy Time Commune survived—a scratched, 16mm print worn from a hard life in distribution. In 2017, a new film print and print masters were created with help from New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT)’s Women’s Film Preservation Fund.

images of 19th c. Arkansas outlaw Belle Starr used in original movie poster